What is it?

The energy industry has been the target of fluctuating costs like all of us and with the need to meet the demands of the consumers, working assets are being expected to last much longer than their original design life.
Whether it be a leaking pipeline onshore or an operating riser pipe offshore the loss of throughput by shut-down is sometimes calculated in Millions of Dollars.
Ecosse Global Energy have spent considerable time and effort in researching the many variables to satisfy the need to
“keep things flowing!”

What do we offer?

We have maintenance technician applied composite half shell and grout systems to strengthen and rebuild wall thickness integrity lost through erosion and corrosion on offshore caissons and risers as well as the structure itself.
Our range of polymer sealing products such as the Polyform “find and fix” leak sealing system can quickly and effectively permanently repair pipework. This enables pipework to be fixed inside with minimal loss of line product. Polyform along with its product partner Ecoseal has been the leak repair system of choice for the UK gas industry for many years and has been used in numerous offshore repair projects.
In addition to our grout and polymer repair products, Ecosse Global Energy have an extensive range of Stainless Steel Repair Clamps and outlet clamps to suit pipes of all sizes.

These products are manufactured in marine grade 31 6L Stainless Steel to resist the effects of salt spray corrosion and are designed to effect a rapid permanent repair or act as a temporary means to pipe life extension to allow planned pipe replacement should this be required.